Common Shipping Questions

What Is Open Car Shipping?

An open carrier car transport is the type of car shipment service in which an open trailer is used. If you want to choose the cheapest way of car shipment, this would be the right option for you. Note that more than 90% of all car shipment is done by using this type of trailer.

Is Enclosed Car Shipping Worth It?

If you own some of the most expensive cars in the world, some precious classics, or if you are very attached to your car, it would be best to choose this kind of shipment service. That way, you will undertake all safety precautions possible to assure the well-being of your beloved car when relocating to a new state.

Is Open Car Shipping Safe?

Car dealerships, for example, often use an open trailer for transportation of new cars – that fact could be encouraging enough. However, the open concept means that your car couldn’t be protected from bad weather and road conditions that could cause slight damage to it.

Will My Car Be Insured During Transport?

Vehicle transportation companies are obliged by law to provide you with insurance. Note that it is usually related only to external damages and that the closed trailer often provides much bigger insurance in the case of damage. However, in order to fail a claim, the damage must be noted in the bill of lading upon delivery and confirmed with the driver’s signature.

What Is Enclosed Car Shipping?

Enclosed auto transport means that your car will be protected from the external elements by being nicely tucked in the closed trailer. However, note that this option is, in most cases, costly, so be prepared to determine what is the primary factor for making a decision – price or safety.

Can I Ship an Inoperable Vehicle?

Vehicles in non-running condition could be transported as long as their wheels, steering wheel, and brakes function properly. Make sure that your car is worth the additional fees.

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