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We connect the Shipper with the Carrier by using the auto industry’s leading load boards. Track supply and demand, and quote current market rates.

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Get your vehicle or motorcycle shipped with us. We connect the shipper with the carrier by using the auto industry’s leading load boards. Track supply and demand, and quote current market rates.

We aim to get your vehicle shipped with the best rates as quickly as possible, all within a professional framework that delivers extraordinary customary service and satisfaction.  We price considering fuel rates, market forces and transport route but we are customer focused so you will always get the best rate possible.

If you choose to use our open auto transport service, you will get an even more affordable rate and you will be covered by the protection of our auto carrier insurance should there be any damages.

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Why hire us as your dispatcher?

We can make sure your trailer is fully loaded in every direction. We will handle route optimization, that is, we manage weather delays and handle any issues to save time and fuel.

Our dispatch service offers 24/7 quality customer service for carriers. We can handle all back-office operations (billing, paperwork, and collections).

We help maintain compliance.  This allows drivers to focus on driving and making their delivery process easier. Hiring a dispatcher can help increase profitability. We are willing to serve you today.

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Market conditions always affect the cost of delivery of our services. Other factors include the cost of fuel, the total number of vehicles, and any special requests or requirements. We have included the common cost factors for auto shipping.

Size of the Vehicle

The size of the vehicle is a consideration. Larger vehicles fetch higher prices for shipping and vice versa. We aim to give you our client the best prices for each category.

Transportation Method

Transportation method affects shipping. Whether you choose an open or closed  – open or enclosed trailer.

Condition of the Vehicle

Shipping an inoperable vehicle is more expensive. Shipping of an inoperable vehicle may require a specific truck/trailer with a winch. 

Shipping Distance

Distance is an important factor for determining costs, since fuel costs, and wear and tear have to be considered.

Shipping Season

The timing of auto transport is key to attaining price as well, some seasons are less risky than others; alternatively may be peak seasons as opposed to off-seasons.

Origin and Destination

Are you choosing a door to door delivery or a terminal to terminal delivery? This too impacts cost.

Some Important FAQ's

Doing this for the first time? Here you will find some useful information that our regular clients have asked over time. We think these may help you in clarifying your concerns.

Our auto transport carriers carry insurance.  As long as your vehicle is on our car transport truck, it is insured through our carrier’s insurance. Your personal insurance becomes secondary.

You or your representative need to be present for both pickup or delivery.

Having the title for the vehicle is not an issue. All we need from you are the keys for the vehicle and we are ready to go.

Open vehicle transport ships your vehicle in an open carrier. With enclosed auto transport, we ship your vehicle with an enclosed carrier.

It depends. If your car is easily accessible for pick up, then there is no need. We offer a door-to-door service.

Yes, we are. We are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You may find our registration details on their website. We have fully met all their requirements.